DriverDBv3: A database for human cancer driver gene research

What is DriverDBv3?

DriverDBv3 is a cancer omics database which incorporates somatic mutation, RNA expression, miRNA expression, methylation, copy number variation and clinical data in addition to annotation bases. This database also uses published bioinformatics algorithms to identify driver genes and present them with different molecular features; there are three functions, ‘Cancer‘, ‘Gene’, and ‘Customized-Analysis’, to help researchers visualize the relationships between cancers and driver genes.

Search by Functions

The ‘Cancer’ function summarizes the calculated results of driver genes in different molecular features by using published bioinformatics algorithms or tools for a specific cancer type or dataset.

Example : EGFR

The ‘Gene’ function visualizes different features of a user-selected gene within cancer types or datasets.

The ‘Customized-Analysis’ function offers insights into survival analysis by providing two approaches to stratify patients - by expression or by mutation, and driver gene identification, which is the ‘Meta-analysis’ function in the previous database. These functions allow the researchers to select a sub-group of well-defined cancer samples based on one or multiple clinical parameters in investigating the importance of specific gene targets or defining the crucial mutation drivers.


Liu, S.H., Shen, P.C., Chen, C.Y., Hsu, A.N., Cho, Y.C., Lai, Y.L., Chen, F.H., Li, C.Y., Wang, S.C., Chen, M. et al. (2020) DriverDBv3: a multi-omics database for cancer driver gene research. Nucleic Acids Res, 48, D863-D870.

Schematic representation of DriverDBv3

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