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DRIVER GENE by mutation profile of a user-defined samples

Result ID: driver_000001
Selection information
Dataset: Lung_adenocarcinoma(TCGA,US)
Clinical criteria:
histological_type: [Lung Adenocarcinoma Mixed Subtype,Lung Acinar Adenocarcinoma]
tobacco_smoking_history_indicator: [Current reformed smoker for > 15 years,Current reformed smoker for < or = 15 years]
No. of patients: 500

DRIVER GENE by mutation tools

Visualization of TOP30 mutation drivers

Mutation Summary Table


The Pathway section includes 12 collections of gene sets sourced from 7 public databases: KEGG, Recatome, PID, Biocarta, MsigDB, miRTar, and miRWalk.
Note: Only the top 30 pathways and their corresponding genes are shown below.

Protein/Genetics Interaction

The Protein/Genetic interaction section provides a network of how proteins and genes interact with each other, and it lays out from 3 databases: BioGRID, IntAct and STRING.