DriverDBv3: A database for human cancer driver gene research

Gene symbol: EGFR

GENE summary

The Gene Summary provides a visualization of different features of a user-selected gene in relation with multiple cancer types.

  • The Differential expression (DE) squares indicate whether a gene is significant with p value <0.05 and whether it is differentially expressed. Red represents up-regulated genes with log2(fold change) > 1 and green represents down-regulated genes with log2(fold change) < -1.
  • The Mutation squares indicate the number of mutation tools which identify this gene as a mutation driver. As the number of tools goes from low to high, the blue color goes from light to deep, correspondingly.
  • The Copy Number Variation (CNV) squares indicate CNV gain or loss of a gene. Red represents a gain (1) and green represents a loss (-1).
  • The Methylation squares indicate whether the gene is hyper-methylated (1) or hypo- methylated (-1). Red represents hyper and green represents hypo.
  • The Survival squares indicate whether this is survival-relevant with log-rank p value < 0.05. Red represents oncogene with log2(hazard ratio) > 0 and green represents tumor suppressor gene with log2(hazard ratio) < 0.
  • The miRNA squares indicate the number of miRNAs that interacts with this gene. As the number of miRNA goes from low to high, the orange color goes from light to deep, correspondingly.​