Cancer Sample Search

The section stores the calculated results of differential expression analyses, miRNA-gene interactions, and cancer miRNA-related pathways for a specific cancer type that contains the smRNA-seq and RNA-seq data of normal and tumor tissues for the same individuals. 'Specific miRNA-gene pairs' is also provided in the 'Cancer' section in order to help researchers examine the interactions between miRNAs and genes by user-defined criteria.

Cancer-oriented miR-gene pairs

Example:Lung Adenocarcinoma

Specific miR-gene pairs

Enter single/multiple miRNA name(s)


Enter single/multiple Gene symbol(s)

Choose a cancer type

maximal correlation coefficient/max(|R|)

Num. of prediction tool:

Only validated result:

Correlation test p value <=


Researchers can enter multiple miRNAs and/or genes,
and can also define the interactions according to
maximal correlation coefficient/max(|R|), minimum p-value,
the number of prediction tools, and the validated information
for the miRNA-gene pairs.

After a query is submitted, the miRNA-gene pairs identified
according to the user-defined criteria are then displayed immediately.

For the interactions supported by multiple cancer types,
the width of the line indicates the number of records.